The Metropolitan was in production for 8 years, during which it was sold under 4 different marques in a wide variety of markets worldwide. Inevitably therefore a large number of published items about the Metropolitan exists, including sales brochures produced for different countries, dealer literature, service guides, books and magazine articles.

The MOC librarian, David Austin, has compiled a library website listing all the known Metropolitan literature produced by BMC (British Motor Corporation), Nash, Hudson, and AMC ( American Motors Corporation, the distributor of the Metropolitan in North America following the Nash/Hudson merger in 1956) items, with scans of their significant pages. All BMC Nash, Hudson, and AMC literature was printed with an item number identifier and these numbers are detailed in the catalogue, making identifcation easy. If you have any literature relating to the Metropolitan that doesn't appear in the list, please let me know and I will arrange for it to be added.

Below are some examples of original Met sales literature. The first two are sales leaflets, one from Austin dating from 1957 (no. 1514), the other produced by AMC in 1960 (AM-60-8460).

"For the Metropolitan we had to coin a word. A word that caught the feeling of this smart, young, exhilarating car...A zipping, singing word with a slight American accent...And so - it almost coined itself - ZING!!!"

The next item is a sales brochure issued by Nash in Canada in 1954:

Finally, an advertisement feature from the Saturday Evening Post, dated 1954.

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